Town of Pikeville
100 West School Street
Pikeville, North Carolina United States
(919) 242-5126
(919) 242-4186 fax

Zoning Permits: The Town does not perform building inspections; this function is undertaken by the Wayne County Inspections Department, and they bill Building Permit fees out of that Office. Pikeville provides a Zoning Permit to present to County Inspections. Be advised that the County will not issue a Building Permit without proof of a Zoning Permit.

Zoning Permits shall be based on the grand total estimated cost of the proposed work, including any subcontracts.

 The following Zoning Permit fees shall apply – A Flat Fee of $5.00, plus a variable fee of $1.00 per thousand dollars value, or portion thereof.


Park & Recreation Charges:

Use of the Community Center and the Ball field is on a first-come/first served basis; therefore, to ensure your desired date, please contact Town Hall to be put on the calendar. The Community Center is not reserved until the deposit has been paid.

Community Center – $100.00 refundable security deposit

Community Center Rental, Town Resident – $75.00

Community Center Rental, Out-of-towner –  $175.00

Ball field, lighted – $35.00 per evening; automatic cut-off at 11:00pm

Ball field, unlighted – No charge; however, please call Town Hall to reserve field.



 Office Charges:

Freedom of Information Act searches – Under FOIA, the following fees shall be charged: $4.00 per quarter-hour, with a 15-minute minimum, plus 25¢ per page copied; charges shall be due at the time the requestor collects the documents.

Copies – 25¢ per page

Faxes  – to send: $1.00 per page; to receive: 25¢ per page

Police Reports – $5.00 per report

Returned check fee – $40.00