Town of Pikeville
105 West School Street
Pikeville, NC 27863 United States
(919) 242-5126
(919) 242-4186 fax

All Taxes, Rates, and Policies are effective as of July 1, 2016

                          PROPERTY TAXES

Pikeville Property Tax Rate…….69¢ per $100 valuation for 2016-2017 (6.0 mils)
Wayne County Tax Rate….…..….65¢ per $100 valuation for 2016-2017 (will be implemented on June 30th)

In addition, to see the Pikeville's Utility Rates & learn our Billing Policies, for information on the Town's Garbage Rates & Collection Policies, to see our General Office Charges which includes our recreation and rental fees, please click here or see the pages under this category.