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The Pikeville Merchants’ Association is now beginning. This is an exciting new journey for Pikeville that will allow us to engage with the people who bring us diverse services and new employment to our town.

            To begin, let me reiterate what the merchants’ association is and what you will be doing should you choose to participate. Typically, a merchants’ association may participate in many public relations activities such as advertising. The main concept of merchant associations is collaborations between businesses. In Pikeville, we want to take that a step further and let our businesses tell us what they would like to see so their own businesses can flourish, and we can implement new ideas to draw in other small business owners.

            Usually, these kinds of associations are funded by business owners themselves by dues and yearly membership fees; however, the Pikeville's Merchant Association will be a no-fee, no-budget organization. This means that there is no cost to be a part of this group and Pikeville will not be able to fund anything for this group. If a business chose to participate in community activities such as a July 4th celebration or a parade, that cost will solely be theirs.

            Our tentative date for the first meeting is Monday, June 11, 2018 at 6pm. This may change and if it does, the date change will be sent out two weeks before the meeting. If nothing changes, an email will still be sent out two weeks before as a reminder. If you would prefer, I can send another email a week prior to the meeting and another the day before. If the business owner cannot attend but would like to know what is going on, we invite you to send an employee that is able to tell us who they are with and any messages from the business owner.

            Please RSVP here  so we know how many individuals to be expecting.