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Pikeville, North Carolina United States
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The Town’s new development program is just getting under way at the end of December, 2013 …

• In late October, we received funds to award 50/50 matching grants of up to a $2,000 match to upgrade storefront and building façades in our downtown; the first grant was awarded in late December and should be completed by February, 2014. We expect this one project to make a dramatic difference in the look of the crossroads in downtown! 

The first two businesses signing up for our Downtown Façade Enhancement Program have already completed their upgrades. Another two storefronts have just signed up, and three more are under discussion.

To see the before-and-after pix of these projects, click here

• Perhaps more significantly for our long-term economic future, in December, 2013, the Town annexed 30.6 acres of commercial property straddling both sides of Interstate 795 immediately south of the Pikeville Interchange; some 45 acres on both sides of I-795 on the north side of the interchange have already been annexed. Over the next months, we will be marketing especially the most-accessible southeast 17 acres; there have already been tentative preliminary enquiries made for development of that corner. Interested parties should contact Town Hall.

Please return to this page periodically to see updates of our endeavors.