Town of Pikeville
100 West School Street
Pikeville, North Carolina United States
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After a generation of benign neglect by the town’s elected officials of Pikeville’s businesses, specifically downtown, the last two Boards of Commissioners have determined that vigorous economic development is an integral part of any healthy community.  Consequently, the Board has begun a long-term economic development program that includes input and ideas from our local business community via a newly-formed Pikeville Merchants Association; the PMA is not designed to compete with the Wayne County Chamber, but rather to be a local adjunct to their county-wide economic development efforts.

The town has also become cognizant of the need to use available grant funds as a force multiplier for downtown revitalization; through a small Electricities grant, we have begun a downtown revitalization program that will upgrade building façades.

Finally, through a vigorous enticement program, the town has over the last few years induced several commercial properties and land with commercial potential to annex, the latest being a 30.6 acre tract on both sides of I-795 south of the Main Street extension west of town, called the Pikeville-Princeton Road.