Town of Pikeville
105 West School Street
Pikeville, NC 27863 United States
(919) 242-5126
(919) 242-4186 fax

The Pikeville Public Works Department provides the town with recreational facility and parks upkeep, the maintenance and repair of town streets, gutters and rights-of-way, and cemetery maintenance.

The department coordinates street maintenance and repair with the NC Department of Transportation and Wayne County Public Works. Garbage collection and disposal services are provided through a contract with a private firm.  The Public Works Director manages the town’s public works employees and is responsible for the efficient delivery of these services. The Operations Superintendant coordinates town activities in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados, and reports to the Town Administrator in the Administrator’s capacity as Public Works Director.

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Location: 112 SW Railroad Street


Our Public Works Crew:

Bobby Hunt

Patrick Hall

Jennifer Bray

Trey Branson