Town of Pikeville
100 West School Street
Pikeville, North Carolina United States
(919) 242-5126
(919) 242-4186 fax

Town Administration provides all administrative, financial, and budgetary services to the Board of Commissioners and operating departments, and collects electric, water and sewer bills; town taxes are collected by Wayne County. All administrative and financial records are in the custody of the Town Clerk. Town Hall staff ensures that all ordinances are enforced, that financial obligations are timely paid, and that utility bills are posted and collected in a timely manner. Community Center rentals and ball park scheduling are accomplished at Town Hall; all town permits are issued here.

The Town Administrator/Finance Officer is appointed by, and reports to the town’s Board of Commissioners, and is the town’s Chief Executive Officer, with authority over all town  departments and employees.

Town Hall office hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. In order to better serve our citizens, we do not close for lunch.

Administrative Staff




Lisa Pate - Town Clerk &

Interim Town Administrator             Akina Corder - Deputy Town Clerk